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The first time you start eMule the Wizard will be fired up to guide you to the most basic settings of the program. You'll be able to choose some of the basic features through a really simple process. All the choices you'll make on the wizard can be set afterwards on the Options window. If you realize to have been a little too “hacky” with eMule settings and you don't know how to restore things, you can always shut down eMule, delete the preferences.ini into the config folder (to know where it is located you can follow directions on this page). When you'll restart eMule the Wizard will allow you to set things up from the ground (recreating the preferences.ini) and you'll not loose any of the credits. On the first window, click on the Next button.

 Wizard 1

  1. The second window of the wizard allow to choose your nickname
    The default one is (now you know the reason behind finding many with that nick ^_^).
    It's allowed on the network to have the same nick because they aren't used to identify your eMule between all the connected ones
    What really make unique every eMule is the user-hash that is created at the first time you start eMule.
    Change the nick has the only result of having a different nick visualized for the other clients.
  1. Into the same window you are asked if you want to start eMule with Windows and if you want to connect it automatically. Check these fields only if you have a new pc (eMule is quite heavy to start with all other programs when you start Windows) and if the ADSL connection is ready from the beginning (like if you have a router).

 Wizard 2

eMule to talk with other clients use several ports, but two of them are really important to listen to the “outer world”. One uses the TCP protocol, and it is used mainly to transfer the data, and one uses the UDP protocol, used to make the kad working. eMule initially sets these ports to a random value (any value is good, as long these port are “opened” to the “outer world”).

 Wizard 3

A really useful feature added recently is the UPnP, a protocol that helps to open automatically ports on some routers that accept this “language”. Unfortunately, not all of them are compatible with it, but it's woth to try. Click then on Use UPnP to Setup Ports and wait for the progressbar to fill completely. If you have a positive reply, you are lucky and eMule will connect without further problem at its best.

 Wizard 4

On the other side, if you haven't a UPnP compatible router, this will be the reply:

 Wizard 5

You got bad luck: you have to set the firewall and/or the router to connect eMule in the right way. Don't be disappointed: both on this site or in other there are solutions to the 99% of the possible combination, explained in every step. Anyway, we'll deal with it the next time. Proceed clicking on Next

DON'T TRUST of results seen after clicking Test Ports because often they are reported as closed also if not. Into the page Low ID you can find the right way to check if you have Low or High ID (basically the ones with Low ID can't connect to other Low ID and the Kad Network will work badly)

 Wizard 6

At the next step you'll be asked how to handle the Priority both in Upload and Download. It is advised to leave both of fields checked. eMule will work automatically: the files with many sources will get a lower priority in order to speed up downloads of rare files, and in upload will assign lower priority to popular files while “pushing” rare files…all the files will be spread in the most homogeneous way. For Expert users: read how to handle the download priorities and the upload ones manually.

 Wizard 7

You are then asked if you want to activate the obfuscation. For the ones that just installed eMule it's not a big deal…it doesn't hurt. If you want to know more and how this feature really work, you can read the obfuscation page.

 Wizard 8

What network you want to use ? The ed2k nwtwork is the traditional one using servers to get clients in contact right at the beginning of the download, and to search files. The kad network on the other end is the latest and it's serverless

  1. It is advised to keep all the networks checked, in order to increase the probability to find a source for the files you want.
  • It is advised to check also the Safe Connect that will protect yourself from being inserted on the blacklist of a server and to receive false Low ID.

 Wizard 9

At this point the Wizard is Finished. You should only set the connection limits according to your ADSL and your hardware.

Then you can update the serverlist and connect the Kad Network.