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Download eMule

logo eMule

You can download the last version of the official eMule here:

This is the installer version that is good both for who want to install eMule for the first time and for who has to update previous versions.

If you want update it by hand you can download the binaries . If you want to know what changed between the various releases you can read the changelog.

After clicking on the link to download eMule you'll be redirected to a page where you can download the actual executable.

You have to wait just a few seconds and automatically your pc will ask you where to save the file on your disk.

If the download doesn't start automatically, you can click on direct link.

Once completed the download you must double-click on the executable and the installer will be fired up.

As first thing you'll be asked your preferred language for the installation:

 installer 1

A welcome window will be opened and you must click on the Next button.

 installer 2

Click then on the Accept button to confirm you read the license

 installer 3

You'll be asked what components you want to install. Click on Next without modifying anything as the image below.

 installer 4

At this point it will ask the installation type to set.

We prepared a detailed page for the curious ones explaining all the differences that this setting do to share eMule with more users

Installation for Windows 98/ME/2k/XP

For the ones that are in a hurry, basically if your pc is being used by more people than just yourself, and if you want to creare separate “copies” of eMule without interfering with each other, you must check the first field.

If you want instead using one and only eMule sharing it with all other users, you must check the second field.

 installer 5

The last step will ask you where to place all necessary files. If you haven't particular neeeds click on Install.

Installation per Windows Vista/Seven

If there are other users than you, and you want multiple working eMule each one with its settings, you must check the first field.

If you want instead to use only one eMule sharing it with other computer users, then you must check the third field, as the image below:

installer 6

It's not recommended to check the second field in order to avoid permission problems caused by the UAC on Vista or Seven

Once you made your choice, click on Next to go to the last step.

Click on Install to confirm. Once finished, click on Finish to exit the installer.

installer 7

eMule is a totally free program, open source (everyone can look the sources) and there are no adware or spyware. Developers aren't paid by anyone. Don't trust all the modified versions that don't publish the source code (anyone can know what that program will do once installed…it maybe a virus). The only official site is and all files (as many other open source project) are downloadable by

Now you have all things ready and you can go to a really quick introduction on what to do the first time.

If you don't feel ok reading a little bit you can always watch the Video Demos that cover the basics of eMule.

You should watch carefully how to set the connection limits to use eMule at its best without clogging the bandwith.