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This is a sitemap over all available pages ordered by namespaces.

Translations of this page:

Work in Progress

In order to create a new guide using the page name “new_guide”, please insert into your browser's address bar the link and press enter. To create instead a page named “emule_version”, please enter into the address bar the link As soon as you reach the page, the wiki inform you that the page doesn't exist and that you can create if you want, clicking on the button “Create this page”. From now on you can write down the guide…

Five simple rules:

  1. as you can see on the footer and when you'll create/edit a page, all the things you will write down here will be licensed as Creative Commons by-nc-sa
  2. only create guides relevant to the eMule world
  3. don't copy from other sites unless you were allowed to by the original author
  4. Don't remove the ~~DISCUSSION~~ and leave it at the bottom. It creates the discussion thread to allow anyone to improve these guides, before the actual publishing in the right section. No flame wars on the Discussions, please!
  5. Images have to be 760px wide at the most


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